LftpFS -  filesystem with caching for smart mirror of sites based on FUSE and LFTP. 


LftpFS is a read-only network filesystem with caching for smart mirror of sites. Useful for mirroring of Linux repositories. It's based on FUSE and LFTP client, which supports FTP, HTTP, FISH, SFTP, HTTPS, FTPS protocols and works over proxies. LftpFS is a fork from unmaintained FuseFTP.



Use the project page: http://sf.net/projects/lftpfs/


lftpfs [--help] [[options] mountpoint cachepoint lftpscript [remotedir]]

lftpscript -  LFTP script for connection to a site

and options is one of:

  --debug             Enable FUSE debugging messages
                      (implies --foreground)

  --foreground        Don't put process into background

  --options=opt[,opt] Pass options to FUSE
                      allow_other: allow access by other users

  --use-mdtm=yes|no   Then no (default), lftp uses LIST command to determine
              file modification time. It`s faster. Then yes, lftp uses
              MDTM command for each file - right, but very slow.

  --use-cache=yes|no  Then yes (default), will be used persistent cache at
              defined cachepoint. Else after reading files
              it`s will be removed.
  --fs-cache-timeout= Timeout of caching structure of filesystem in seconds.
              By default 1800s (60m). As lftp parameter cache:expire
  --include=PATTERN   Include matching files/dirs, where PATTERN is an extended
              regular expression, just like in egrep(1).

  --exclude=PATTERN   Exclude matching files/dirs, where PATTERN is an extended
              regular expression, just like in egrep(1).

  --download-limit=   Limit to download files in bytes. By default 0, unlimit.
              After exceeding limit LftpFS block reading of files.

  --ignore-mtime      Ignore modification time of local files in cache at
              download. By default download files newer then in cache
              and replace its.

  --threaded=yes|no   Then yes (default), LftpFS works in multithreaded mode.


   Mounts the directory /pub/fedora/linux/updates of mirror.yandex.ru to ~/updates:

    $ mkdir ~/updates
    $ mkdir ~/.updates-cache

    $ cat > ~/.lftp/mirror.yandex.ru
    set ftp:proxy ftp://user:pass@proxy-host:2121
    set cache:expire 60m
    open ftp://mirror.yandex.ru
    $ lftpfs --fs-cache-timeout=3600 ~/updates ~/.updates-cache ~/.lftp/mirror.yandex.ru /fedora/linux/updates

    $ ls  ~/updates
    $ fusermount -u  ~/updates


10-04-2011 - Version 0.4.3 released

After fixing Fuse.pm bug http://rt.cpan.org/Public/Bug/Display.html?id=34284 updated requirements of lftpfs.
Fixed bugs with lftp interprocess communication.

19-03-2008 - Version 0.4.2 released

This release fixes bugs (fs-cache-timeout and mdtm).

14-02-2008 - Version 0.4 released

This release supports multithreaded mode.

21-01-2008 - Version 0.3 released

This release supports dereferencing symbolic links.

14-01-2008 - Version 0.2.1 released

This release fixes bug with caching of directory listings.

10-01-2008 - Version 0.2 released

This first public release.

Alexey Biznya - <biakus /at\ users sf net>

Last Updated: 10-04-2011